Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool Version 5.0 [Digital Download Edition]


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This is the digital download edition of the Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool 5.0. It is identical to the version we offer on a USB flash drive. Get IMMEDIATE access to your Sprinter service information and save $40.00!!!

You can read a full detailed description and view images of the Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool 5.0 by clicking the link below:


Download & Installation notes:

This download consists of (23) compressed files of which the contents must be extracted from to be used. The files are in .ZIP compressed format. Each of these files is approximately 1.4GB in size. We have also included an instruction file to assist you in correctly downloading and installing the Sprinter Tool. You can view this instruction file in the product image gallery below the main image on this page.

We have these files hosted in the cloud on ultra-fast Amazon S3 servers. We did this to provide our customers with the fastest download possible of these large files.

You MUST have a reliable hard wired broadband internet connection to download these files!!! WiFi downloads will likely timeout and not complete the download!

Your download speed will vary depending on your connection type. If you do not have a broadband connection, or have issues staying connected, you may be better off ordering the product on a flash drive. It is available HERE.

The Amazon S3 cloud file hosting ensures that your internet connection speed will be the only limiting factor to the download speed. With that in mind, the download process of all files could take several hours to complete. We made the files into 1.5GB pieces to try to keep errors and timeouts to a minimum.

Please remember that you must download all (23) files into the same folder to extract and use the Sprinter Tool!!! There are also download instructions there to help you.

You will need to install and use a utility such as WinRAR or WinZip on your computer to extract the contents of these files. Built-in compression utilities like the one included with Windows based systems WILL NOT WORK! You must use WinRAR or WinZip.

Having trouble? Send us a message on our contact page. We will be glad to assist you with any issues you are experiencing free of charge!