Sprinter Ultimate Service CD Version 4.0 [2002-2006]


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*** PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available on CD.  The product is available for purchase as a digital download only. Learn more here:

Sprinter Ultimate Service CD Version 4.0 [2002-2006] [Digital Download Edition]

The 2002 – 2006 Sprinter Ultimate Service CD 4.0 is the latest, most up to date, and most complete sprinter manual / sprinter van technical reference tool available anywhere. It is designed for everyone from factory trained sprinter techs to serious at home mechanics. Unlike the OEM sprinter manual, this CD contains a  complete set of OEM factory service manuals and factory parts catalogs  for all model year 2002 to 2006 North American VA series sprinter vans. (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Dodge Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter –  both OM612 & OM647 models)

Also included are numerous tech guides added to the CD to make servicing your Sprinter as easy and painless as possible. These tech guides are NOT included on any other sprinter repair CD available. All files on this sprinter manual are in Adobe .pdf format, and a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat reader for both Windows and Mac is included.

Version 4.0 features a brand-new custom designed menu to make browsing the content of this ULTIMATE sprinter manual completely EFFORTLESS!  This menu allows much faster navigation of the CD’s contents, so you can get to what you need, FAST! These manuals and catalogs  are fully indexed for fast searching and navigation, with tens of thousands of exploded diagrams, step by step dis-assembly and re-assembly instructions, error codes, specifications, and much, much, MUCH more! This adds up to nearly 8000 pages of Sprinter information! You simply cannot find a more complete sprinter repair manual anywhere!!!

Other service CD’s available contain only the service manuals themselves, not the parts catalogs!!! (and only cover a single model year!) This CD includes the complete parts catalogs for each model year from 2002 to 2006 as well. This is invaluable if you need to quickly locate a correct part number for your particular model year, because the service manuals do not contain any part numbers AT ALL!!!  Save time endlessly searching the internet, or holding on the phone with the local dealer. You have everything you need with a click of the mouse! No more greasy paper manuals! Print what you need, use it, toss it when you are done; what could be easier?!? If you have to work on a sprinter, and you want to do it correctly, this sprinter manual is an absolute MUST HAVE!!! Order your copy today!

Tech Guides Included on the Sprinter Manual CD

  • Air Filter Change Guide
  • Aux Battery Retro-Fit Instructions
  • Bio-Diesel Specs Guide
  • Brake Component Identifier Guide
  • Cabin Filter Change Guide
  • Door Adjustment Procedures Guide – (This guide saved a buyer from paying an uninformed tech hundreds of dollars to replace his door hinges!)
  • EGR Valve Service Guide – (46 pages of info, this EGR guide alone is worth the CD price!)
  • Fluid & Lubricant Specs
  • Fuel Filter Replacement Guide – (Do it this way to prevent air from entering the system!)
  • Fuel Pump Re-Prime Guide
  • Maintenance Summary Guide
  • Oil Change Guide
  • Complete Radio Unlock Code List covering ALL VIN #’s – (Dozens of owners have located their radio unlock code on this list!)
  • Remote Start Wiring Guide – (Don’t even THINK of trying to wire a remote start on a Sprinter without this guide! You WILL regret it!)
  • Side Window Install Guide
  • Swivel Seat Install Guide
  • Rear Brake Fluid Leak Technical Service Bulletin
  • Factory Service Log Booklet

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