SPRINTER TOOL 2020 – Sprinter Van Service Manual – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD



SPRINTER TOOL 2020 – Sprinter Van Service Manual

Covers ALL years and models 1995 – 2020 worldwide!



This mega Sprinter van service manual contains all of the following:

  • COMPLETE factory Mercedes-Benz Sprinter service data covering each and every system of your Sprinter Van
  • in-depth troubleshooting and repair guides for all systems
  • removal and replacement procedures for all assemblies including engine & transmission
  • rebuild procedures for major components and assemblies
  • maintenance procedures & schedules
  • COMPLETE wiring diagrams for every wire & connector in your Sprinter
  • torque specifications for every fastener
  • error code definitions
  • COMPLETE parts catalog
  • damage codes
  • repair time tracking

It utilizes the EPC WIS-ASRA database that covers every Sprinter van ever made in every market worldwide between 1995 and 2020.

Is your van covered in this Sprinter manual? The answer is YES! The software has a functional VIN# search function. Simply type the vehicle VIN# into the software & hit enter on your keyboard to locate your correct service groups. It’s really that easy! You can also access vehicle service information by selecting the engine, chassis or major assembly mode. If you have any doubt that your van is covered, send us your VIN# and we will be glad to provide a confirmation screenshot of it working in the Sprinter Tool 2020.

This service information database is:



The Sprinter Tool 2020 is a complete virtual PC built on a customized version of Windows that runs in a window on your desktop. It is a completely new build for 2020, not simply an upgrade from our older version. The virtual PC eliminates the need for the user to struggle with installing applications and configuring keys as well as many of the other issues that plagued the Mercedes-Benz EWA installation process. It requires only the free & open source Oracle VirtualBox application to run, which is included in the download. This is a change from our last version that used VMWare workstation, which was more complicated to get setup as well as much slower running. The Sprinter Tool 2020 runs on all versions of Windows operating system PC’s.

We are available to answer tech support / installation questions for customers via e-mail.

Mercedes-Benz charges $25.00 PER DAY to access their service database. We have brought the entire database directly to you, installed on your PC or laptop ready for your unlimited use. No daily access fees! This MASSIVE database is 60GB in size and contains an absolutely astonishing amount of Sprinter service data! We suggest that you spend some time reviewing the brief instruction user manuals included on the desktop of the Sprinter Tool 2020 to quickly get yourself up to speed using the applications. This is quite simply the MOST COMPLETE, MOST CURRENT Sprinter service manual available anywhere in the world.

Please view the product photos on this page for a more detailed look at the Sprinter Tool 2020 in use. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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